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ALPTREK offers a limited manufacturer’s warranty on all of our products for one year from the date of purchase to the original retail buyer.  Our limited manufacturer’s warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for intended uses only.  In the case of a defect, we'll be happy to send replacement parts or product to resolve the issue.


We do not warranty for misuse or unintended purposes (such as using trekking poles for skiing, using trekking poles for tent poles, or bending the poles beyond normal tolerances).  Lost parts of any ALPTREK product are not covered under our limited manufacturer’s warranty.


ALPTREK requires each of the below to help with your warranty needs. For a faster response please be sure to provide the details below.

Email: with the subject line "Warranty Request." All warranty request emails must include: 

  1. Proof of purchase

  2. Photos of your product showing the issue

  3. Shipping address for US or Canada only

  4. A description of how you were using the product at the time the issue occurred.

Customer Care will reply to your email with more questions or a confirmation stating we will fulfill your warranty request.  

All conditions below must be met for warranty to be valid:

  • Only purchases from ALPTREK authorized retailers will be valid. 

  • Product was used as intended

  • Provide Proof of Purchase

  • Provide picture or video of defect

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